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Our cars are something we cannot live without. It provide a common means of transportation, whether it’s commuting to work, spending a short trip with our families and love ones, or touchwood when you are in an emergency situation.

To keep your car running safely and smoothly, it is important to keep your car logbook up-to-date. If you are planning on selling your car in the future, a well-kept car service logbook will significantly add value to your sale price too.

!You don’t have to get your car services at the dealership!

Did you know that you don’t have to get your car services at the dealership to retain your car service warranty? Under the consumer protection guarantee provided by the ACCC, logbook servicing at RnB Performance Automotive will not void your car’s service warranty. Stop waiting weeks to get your car service, and avoid the expensive fees that come with dealership.

The guys at RnB Performance Automotive complete all services to higher than manufacturer standard. Their team offers professional advice and always happy to answer any questions you might have before, during or after your logbook service.

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logbook service

What is a logbook?

A logbook is a physical book, usually stored in your glove box. It’s filled out by your mechanic every time you take out a logbook service. All maintenance and repairs performed at every service will be recorded in this logbook, it’s like a medical history of your car.

What is a logbook service and Why is it important?

All car manufacturers has a set of recommended guidelines for the regular upkeep and servicing of their vehicles, this is known as the logbook service. It consists of a series of inspections and maintenance tasks, which are required to be completed at regular intervals, such as reaching a set date or distance driven. The aim of the logbook service is to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. It can also prevent small problems turning into major damage and issues which could be costly to repair.

What is included in the RnB logbook service?

  • Inspect all lights
  • Inspect wiper blade + washer
  • Clean and Replace air filter
  • Clean and Replace cabin filter
  • Check coolant level
  • Check for oil and coolant leak from the top
  • Check brake fluid with special tool
  • Check Battery with special tool
  • Inspect drive belt
  • Drain the oil
  • Replace transmission/diff oil if required
  • Replace oil filter
  • Replace drain plug washer
  • Inspect all tyres
  • Inspect all brake pads
  • Measure brake rotors thickness
  • Check any oil/coolant leak from the bottom
  • Check drive shaft and boot for damage
  • Top-up new oil
  • Replace spark plugs if required
  • Reset service light
  • Logbook stamp and reminder sticker

Why choose RnB Performance Automotive?

The fully qualified mechanics at RnB will tell you the work they will undertake and any costs upfront, so you can complete your log book service for the price you expected. They know that communication is key, so you will always be kept in the know. Only genuine parts will be used, and the highest quality of oils and lubricants to match the specifications of your vehicle’s specifications.

logbook service

We Wash’em & RnB shares the same mindset, we’re here to serve the local community. We know your time is precious, and life gets busy, so we work around your schedule to find the perfect time for you. RnB Performance Automotive opens on Saturday’s because you shouldn’t have to take time off work to keep your appointment.

How much will it cost?

Ranges from $150 to $260 depending on the oil you choose to use.

Why is engine oil important?

The car engine is the most expensive part of the car. If the engine is the heart of the vehicle, then the oil is the blood. Your car’s engine requires the right lubrication and protection to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. The oil products are designed to provide engine protection, keeping your engine running like new even under the most demanding conditions.

What Products are used? Ryco, Penrite, Hi-Tec
logbook service

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