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Choosing an electric vehicle is a great way to reduce your travel expenses. Your home charger is an important part of your EV solution. You can trust our certified electrician team to install your charger safely, professionally and reliably.
Enjoy the convenience of plugging your car into your EV Charger at night and waking up with a fully charged vehicle. No more hunting around for cheap petrol prices. Speak with our expert and discuss your options.

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Home EV Charging FAQ

Yes! Doing so will give you the maximum return of investment. It means charging your car for free. Talk to us know and bundle in a Solar Panel System with your EV Charger.

A typical petrol car gets 10km of range from 1 litre of fuel. The typical electric vehicle gets about 6km of range from 1 kWh of electricity.

For a petrol car, you’d need 10 litres of fuel to drive 100 km. As of Oct-2022, average petrol prices is around of $1.70 per litre for E10, which means it costs $17 to drive 100 km.

For an EV, you’ll need about 17 kWh of electricity to drive 100 km. My home electricity retailer charges 21c per kWh, the cost for me would be $3.57 (17 x $0.21) per 100 km. Please refer to your own electricity retailer for your home. E.g. AGL –

So to drive 100km, it’ll cost you $17 in a petrol car or $3.57 in an EV.

Tesla Wall Connector would be the most popular EV charger, which charges at around 50km/hour. You can checkout the Tesla home charging support page here ( Smarts EV Charger like ABBZappiEO, or EVLink are also popular.

Smart charging allows you to set your charging preferences, which may include desired charge level, charge by time, minimum charge level, integration with your solar panel system, etc. It’s basically a device with functionalities like all other Smart home appliances as well as charging your EV.

Charging levels refers to the amount of power delivered to a vehicle. Level one is the lowest and level three is the highest.

There are two costs for a complete Home EV charger installation.

  1. The charger itself. This depends on which charger you choose. For a standard Tesla Wall Connector (, it is AUD$750 as of Oct-2022. Refer to the product page here. For other Smarts EV Charger, it’ll depend on the brand and functionality of the charger. The smarter the device, the more expensive.
  2. The installation labour cost. This is an installation fee that you will pay a qualified electrician for the actual electrical work. Typically, installation costs range between $750‐$1,400 (approved installers will generally cost more than your local neighbourhood electrician). The cost ranges because each house is different, contact us to discuss your situation and our team will find you the best solution.

Commercial charger will be more expensive because they’re more implications and more complex.

Have a look at the Transport NSW ( article to see the range of various EVs and how long it takes to charge.

You can charge an EV either at home, at your work, or at different public locations such as highways, supermarkets, parking lots, etc. To see where you can find public charging station in Australia, view the charging map from Transport NSW. (

Our support team is always available, don’t hesitate to give us a call for any issues relating to your EV Charger or any other devices installed by us. All our work is compliant to Australia/New Zealand wiring rules and the NSW Service and Installation Rules. EV Charger installed by us comes with a Certificate Compliance Electrical Work (CCEW), 1 year workmanship warranty, as well as product warranty.

The installation time depends on the work required. That’s why our first step is to carry out a free home assessment and design to work out what’s required. For a home with no additional wiring, the installation time could be around one hour. For a home that needs 3-phase circuit setup, it could go up to 5 to 8 hours.

For commercial clients, our commercial design team will be able to work out a plan and estimate after a site inspection.

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