Paint Correction

Paint correction is a complicated task. It’s a prerequisite for doing Ceramic Coating. The removal of paint swirl marks, fading, oxidation, and marring in clear coat requires a significant amount of time, patience, experience, equipment, and preparation. It’s a lengthy process and it’s an important step before any sort of coating.


Paint Correction is the permanent removal of imperfections on your car paint to reveal a perfect glossy shiny car just like the one that you see at the showroom or better than original condition. 

  • Cleaning/Removing debris via clay bar
  • Wet sanding/Leveling
  • Waxing/Polishing
  • Resealing the Paint

Swirl Marks are the result of improper circular washing methods, the use of dirty or overly abrasive towels, automated car washes, or high pH automotive shampoos. As explained in this video, your car looks dull and old because the paint is damaged by swirl marks and is no longer a flat surface that reflects light properly. Our paint correction service is to make the surface flat and reflects light again.


paint correction
paint correction


Fine scratches: Scratches can be caused by many forms of contact. From scraping through small overhanging branches on the side kerb, to gale-force winds and airborne debris from the highway, all the way to your drunk uncle keying the wrong car, clear coat scratches are about as unavoidable and unappealing as it gets.

Paint correction

Water spots: While some may assume that water spots are little more than a cosmetic inconvenience, certain kinds of water etching can lead to permanent damage. Water that contains salt, road grime, or high levels of minerals is especially dangerous, as it has the ability to slowly eat into clear coat, and becomes extremely difficult to remove when baked in the sun.

paint correction

Bird droppings: No one likes doing it, but the moment you see bird or tree droppings on your car, you should wipe it off ASAP. I normally keep a packet of KFC wet towels in the car for this job. It will make a massive difference in the longevity of your car’s clear coat. Failure to do so will only allow the acids within the animal poo to eat into your car’s external surfaces, causing the need for an even lengthier round of paint correction – meaning more labour and more money.

paint correction


Paint correction fills in the gaps and scratches, lifts flaking clear coat, and prepares the surface for protective products like ceramic coatings.

Proper preparation is also the key to good results, your car will be snow foamed to dissolve all the dirt and grime, de-waxed to remove any old polishes or waxes that maybe hiding more defects, decontaminated to remove road tar, dirt, grimes, tree and bird droppings. This preparation takes time but ensures the very best results.

Once paint correction is completed professionally, good paint correction can last for many years, it is not something that needs to be repeated frequently – proper washing, protection and maintenance are the key to keeping your paint in excellent condition.

Paint correction may or may not be a one-day process, it depends on the condition of the paint. Bad condition paint can take up to few days to get a perfect finish, and also sometimes, better than what it came out from factory. 

How long does Paint Correction take?

It depends entirely on the current condition of your paint. Some minor paint corrections can take 2 days, while some serious corrections for badly weathered and worn paint can take 6-7 days of polishing, refinement and finishing for one car.

It is difficult to come up with a one size fits all paint correction package. The reality is that the paint on your car is in varying conditions on different areas/panels. For example; the paint on your bonnet is probably in worse condition due to harsher circumstances than the paint on your doors. Therefore the bonnet will take more time than the door. Or it could be the case that you’re normally parked on the street so your driver side doors will be in a worse condition than the passenger side doors. Everyone is different.

We analysis and treat every area of your car with focused techniques to deliver real results and bring all panels up to the same standard. Some panels need 1 or 2 stages of paint correction while others may need 4 or 5 to achieve the same finish.

How much does Paint Correction cost?

Time and quality equal cost, so it depends on how long a Paint Correction is going to take. Be sure to speak to us in regards to getting your car paint corrected. All the cars are different, and everyone’s situation is different, we can’t use the exact same process on two different cars.

Protect your car properly with our regular maintenance service, it will be unlikely that you need to spend much on paint correction. Talk to us about setting up a regular cleaning package.

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