Exterior Detailing

Exterior Detailing Includes:

Price From $199

Exterior Detailing

Maybe it’s been a while since you did a serious clean. Maybe it’s been a particularly messy few days, with bad weather and muddy roads. Maybe you just want your car to sparkle and glow in the dark.

At the same time, you’re also not looking to be the star of an exhibition, or you’re a bit tight on budget.

At times like these, you want something that will make your car look flash, but not quite as intense as a full detail treatment.

That middle ground is our Exterior Detailing service which takes care of all the exterior.


A high quality wax is applied by hand to the exterior paintwork, taking special care to skip panel joins, rubber and plastic trims to avoid residue. As the wax dries it is buffed off to bring out the magnificent shine of your paint and a high gloss finish. The wax not only makes your car shine, it protects the paint, making water bead and run off, so that your car stays cleaner for longer. While we’re at it, we’ll focus on shining your wheel rims and those pesky door jambs.

It’s a deep and detailed clean without going overboard, and with a much friendlier price tag because we’re only concentrating on the outside.

Our Exterior Detailing Service