engine bay cleaning

Engine Bay Cleaning

Engines can start looking dirty very quickly, as they are exposed to all the environmental factors associated with driving in wet, snowy, rainy or windy weather. The more you drive your car, the more dirt and grime will accumulate in the engine bay.

If you plan on selling your vehicle, cleaning the engine bay is an important factor to the success of your sales. Buyers are not going to be happy when they see a filthy looking engine bay.

While you need to be aware of exposed electrical connections, fuse boxes, and filters, most newer vehicles are covered up nicely and safe from extreme damage from liquids. Manufacturers have been using water resistant weather pack connectors for years and things like batteries and alternators have been designed to live in the harsh elements of an engine bay.

Before grabbing any kind of cleaning product, you will need to prepare the engine bay for cleaning. This is not a simple process but as with all things, taking your time and doing it correctly will save you many headaches down the line. This is why you should get a professional to do it. Have a look at our detailing package and get your vehicle back in shape.

If you’re still trying to do this yourself, be extremely careful when spraying chemicals around electrical connectors, battery terminals or the alternator . While they are now covered nicely, it’s better to be safe around these expensive components.

 Without attention on your engine bay, that dirt, debris, and oil can gunk up your car’s workings, potentially start a fire, and cause engine, steering, and suspension issues.

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