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Interior Detailing

Our professional mobile interior detailing service makes the interior looks as it has arrived from the manufacture. Taking expert care of your vehicle’s inside will keep its resale or trade-in value high. Car interior detailing, as the name implies, is a cleaning of the inner parts of a vehicle including leather, plastics, vinyl, carbon fiber plastics, and natural fibers.

Interior car detailing can range from simple tasks, such as vacuuming the floor mats and carpets, to full detailing which typically extends to vinyl cleaning, dressing, carpet shampooing, and leather conditioning services. We offer a range of different packages to suit your needs.


Our interior detailing service involves using specialised products and equipment to treat all interior surfaces, including your carpet, mats, shampoo car seats, steering wheel, dashboard, console, tints, mirrors and so on. It is more than just a spray and wipe, our mobile interior car detailing services comprises of premium shampoos and cleaning agents to ensure that what your sitting in, is safe for both you and your passengers.

More Than Just A Wipe & Vacuum

To clean the inside of the car’s cabinet, different methods such as vacuuming and steam-cleaning are used. It includes the door jambs, every section of the center console, and around the buttons and controls.

Professional detailing regularly protects the interior of the car and keeps it looking newer for longer. Cleaning inside surfaces isn’t enough. To really preserve the new appearance, a car interior detailing is imperative.

The importance of careful detailing of your vehicle is crucial reason, this is why so many people look to car detailers to handle the job. Using our detailing service helps reduce the worry of accidentally making a mistake and damaging the interior when cleaning it yourself.

interior detailing

Here are a few advantages of regular car interior detailing:

Eliminate odor– Detailers tackle smells by extracting dirt and grime and then applying an odor eliminator to help target bothersome scents and get rid of them. Air freshener is a temporary fix to mask odors, but it would not remove them as an odor eliminator would. We would sanitise the interior, use car seats shampoo, vacuum and remove the potential culprit being spilt beverage or food, follow through a deep shampoo and extraction to take out the trapped smells in fabric. Then finally, we would apply our odor eliminator to flush out the interior completely, killing bacteria, germs, viruses and bad smells. 

Stain removal and prevention – There’re many different surfaces in the car, and they’re comprised of all kinds of materials. Leather, vinyl, fabrics, carpeting, and plastics of various types make the inside of your vehicle looks nice. Having interior detailed regularly will address all those unsightly stains, big and small, and also prevent them from occurring with the application of the proper cleaning and maintenance products for each of the surfaces in the car. We can remove stains, but it depends on what the source is, how long it has been there and how your fabric or has reacted to it. We can definitely minimise and treat stains, but of course, if there is wear and tear or damaged seats, an interior car detailing service will not repair but rather clean and rejuvenate.

Protect upholstery – If you don’t have window tinting, sun damage can be a problem since the ultraviolet rays are intense, especially in the summer. It means more intense rays are coming into the vehicle, and it can damage the interior fabrics and finishes over time. Using the correct upholstery shampoo and extraction machine or steam cleaner are very effective methods for deep cleaning upholstery. It removes dirt and grime at which a regular vacuum cannot remove and beyond what the eye can see. Better yet, they can remove stubborn stains and smells as well.

Prevent excess wear and tear – When you neglect to clean the inside of the vehicle, inner surfaces could develop excess wear and tear. Dust, dirt, and spilled particles can wear away at upholstery and other interior surfaces. In order to keep the inner space of the car in good shape for as long as possible, you need to clean it regularly.

Retain vehicle’s value – In case you sell your car in the future, it’s a good idea to set up regular detailing appointments. By detailing your vehicle, you’ll preserve the value of your vehicle. A car that is in proper cosmetic condition will be more appealing to buyers.

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