mat shampoo and deep cleaning

Mat Shampoo and Deep Cleaning

Our Mat Shampoo and Deep Cleaning service will definitely give you a surprising result. Checkout the demonstration video on a vehicle that was parked on the street and had their window smashed without the owner knowing. The La Niña season have been welcoming the rain in Sydney for months. The floor and seat of the car have been soaked for a few days and it’s gone moldy. After using our mat shampoo and deep cleaning service (part of our Interior Detailing service), we had the car return to its original condition.

mat shampoo and deep cleaning mat shampoo and deep cleaning

No matter how careful you are to keep the inside of your car clean, dirt builds up and spills happen. Especially when you have kids or have been on a road trip to the beach. The floor of your car receives the most grime that sticks to the bottom of your shoes. As well as loose debris from bags, boxes, and whatever else travels in and out of your car.

If your car’s floor mats have incurred a fair amount of stains and dirt deposits, you may want to consider shampooing them. Doing it yourself would be very cumbersome, you’ll need spend a fair amount of time, use the right tool, and carry out the right procedure. 

Have a look at the bucket of waste water we clean out from the car floor mat towards the end of the video. That bucket of black dirt grimy water was in your car!

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