commercial fleet

Commercial Fleet

Your vehicle represents your brand. For any brand with a fleet, cleanliness is a factor that impacts how people perceive your company. When your customers see your cars on the road, you don’t want them to see a dirty grimy old car. Because their goods could be in it! I saw a bakery delivery van the other day and it’s full of dirt, glass is dirty, wheels are grimy, you can definitely tell it hasn’t been clean. What’s going through my mind is: “This dirty old car is carrying my food inside”, I could just imagine how dirty it is inside and my food is sitting in this dirty car.

commercial fleet

Dirty vehicles simply make your brand look bad.


Who wants a dirty brand. Cleanliness is something to pay attention to. In the end, it comes down to the little things.

Who wants a dirty brand.

Looking to grow your fleet and continually impress customers (or future customers)? You might want to start thinking about implementing a routine fleet washing regimen no matter the types of vehicles you have.

commercial fleet


For companies, it is important that their vehicles not only shine, but can also quickly get back on the road. We resolve this by going to your premise so you don’t have to organise an outage to drive to a shop to get your fleet clean.

commercial fleet

No matter the strategy you embrace, data suggests that dirty vehicles are a turn-off to most people. That includes your current customers and potential customers.

You need to keep your company fleet in good condition. You want your vehicles to look good on the road and to maintain the vehicles’ resale or leasing value. Here’s how to make that happen:

1. Build a Routine
The key is to build a vehicle maintenance routine that includes keeping the fleet clean, inside and out.

2. Exterior Wash and Wax Weekly/Monthly
Do a Deluxe clean fortnightly or monthly. Base your schedule on how dirty your cars get on-duty and how clean they need to look for clients.

Every few months include waxing in your car wash process. A layer of wax will help your vehicle remain clean and shine attractively for a longer period of time after the wash.

3. Interior Shampoo Clean
Lastly, every 6 months or so, carry out an Ultimate wash. Which will shampoo the seats, floor, and other fabric-areas. This is often enough that your seats will always smell faintly of shampoo and the fabric will be in pristine condition when you decide to resell or the lease ends.

Especially for passenger vehicles, regular shampooing can make a big difference. Simply write it into your business schedule and make it happen based on the routine.

Talk to us now to work out a routine for your business fleet.

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