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Pet Hair Removal

Pet hair removal is a stressful and exhausting job.

Keep in mind that pet hair spreading is not limited to the trunk, seats and carpets of the car. In fact, it can be found in hard to reach areas such as under the seats, on the door sides, dashboards etc.

pet hair removal pet hair removal
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Why is it Hard to do Pet Hair Removal?

Pet hair are thicker, have greater protein content and absorb high amounts of static electricity as compared to the furs of other wild animals.

Keeping this in mind, it is quite evident that pet hair will naturally stick to the leathers, carpets and fabrics used in the construction of your car. You will also observe that pet hair generally sticks more to the car carpets and fabric upholstery.

The reason is the static electricity that gravitates pet hair to stick to the leather seats, fabrics and carpets much more than metallic or plastic surfaces. In other words, you can say that you will face greater challenge when removing pet hair from carpets, fabrics and upholstery rather than any other car parts.

Pets with short hair stick into carpet like fine little needles and are not easily removed by your vacuum.

Why is it bad to have pet hair in the car?

The accumulation of pet hair inside the car will result in:

  • Poor hygiene due to accumulation of germs, dirt and contaminants on pet hair
  • Allergies in passengers travelling with you in your car
  • Poor look of the car interior that demands a lot of attention and cleaning
  • Pet hair is sticky and it can easily absorb the dirt, contaminants and moisture vapors which will worsen the hygiene of the car.

Due to this reason, many car owners get too frustrated to leave their pets home to avoid pet hair problems in car altogether.

pet hair removal pet hair removal
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Why choose us?

Certainly, it’s simple…. we know what we are doing! As you probably already know, there is no magic trick in removing pet hair. There is no special machine. It is all about hard work and elbow grease. We cannot guarantee 100% removal, but we won’t stop until you’re satisfied.

Pet’s Hair Removal is included in our Ultimate package or Interior Detail package.

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