Glass Polishing and Protection

Have you ever experienced the following situations?

  • It is raining heavily outside but you still can’t see from the front windscreen even with highest wiper speed
  • It is sunset/sunrise time but the direct sunlight shows the smear on glass that makes the front vision blurred
  • Water mark always appear on glass no matter how much you wash your car
  • Glass always not clear enough

If so, you will be interested our Glass Polishing and Glass Protection packages

The above mentioned situations are usually occurred by having grease, and contamination stuck to the glass surface or a nano-film of chemical deposited on the glass surface, it is not a layer that could be removed by normal hand or machine car wash.

The layer of contamination could cause a different refraction of light to affect visibility and the layer could be opaque enough to affect the clarity of glass too. It is not a very serious effect if it happens to the side windows, but it is hazardous if this happens to the front windscreen!

Glass Polishing is a service to remove the contamination, grease and film of chemical by using a technique like paint correction to get rid of imperfections on glass surface. It involves using a polishing machine with a pad and abrasive compound that is made for auto glass surface to remove the imperfection and smooths the glass surface. The glass surface will become clean and smooth to touch after the polishing. This will ensure the safety of the car and it makes the car looks better too since the water mark on glass are gone.

Have a look at how we do the Glass Polishing and Coating service

Glass Polishing and Protection Services

But WAIT, how do you maintain the glass being clean and smooth after polishing? Since you cannot polish the glass every time you wash the car? Glass Protection will be the solution.

Glass on car is not like the piece of glass that you have on your smart phone or tablet, you cannot apply a glass or plastic screen protector on car glass to achieve protection. It is also illegal to put any layer of adhesive film on car windscreen hence PPF (paint protection film) could not be applied to the glass too.

We apply a specialized Glass Coating that could protect the glass from the above from happening again (this cannot protect from any physical glass damage though, do not hammer your glass after the coating) Glass Coating is a thin film of silicone based nano-film that is depositing to the glass surface that acts as a sacrificing layer for any chemical corrosion, a hydrophobic layer that repels water and a protective layer between glass and outside to avoid any direct chemical deposit to the glass.

With the glass coating, the glass will repel water from surface and water will slide away when car starts travelling above speed of 70 km/h (please stay within the speed limit as governed by your local state). The coating would avoid any direct deposit of chemical to glass too hence a grease deposited glass will only need a clay bar to fix but polishing again is not needed.

These packages are perfect for Sydney conditions as the Sydney rains usually cause a lot of hazards and with protection you could enhance your visibility of glass and eventually it affects the safety of the car. Contact Us to make a booking!

NO Glass Polishing and Protection
WITH Glass Polishing and Protection 1
WITH Glass Polishing and Protection 2


How long does the Glass Coating last?

Glass Coating could last on a glass for 6-12 months of time depending on the maintenance of the coating and the storage condition of car.

Do I still need to use my wipers?

YES of course. Sliding of water is to enhance safety and vision, it is not a wiper replacement.

Will using wiper destroy the coating?

Wiper would not damage the glass coating unless the wiper blade is damaged or dirty. Always check your wiper and always clean the wipers with isopropyl alcohol as well.

How dangerous is it to drive without glass protection?

Take your own risk, better to be prepared than sorry.