Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair will save you thousands

Paintless Dent Repair is a cheaper and faster way to repair dents. A normal smash repair will ask you to have the whole panel repaint, because that will easily cost you up to tens of thousands of dollars. But with paintless dent removal (also known as PDR) you can indeed have your dents, dings, bumps and scrapes fixed without the need to repaint a thing.

That’s right, we can remove a dent from a car without affecting the paint, or without needing to repaint a panel altogether.

Paintless dent repair
Hail Damage before & after our PDR service

Paintless dent repair work is exactly what it sounds like – a method of panel beating that requires specific tools and plenty of skill to do correctly. It isn’t a new technology, having been in use in different places around the world for about 40 years. Here is a informative article from about Paintless Dent Removal.

This sort of work can be done on bonnets, bumpers, fenders, doors, boot lids and roof turrets – if its metal and the paint isn’t damaged, we will be able to work it out.

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Everything from hail damage repair, minor dent repair, or unexplained bump while parked on the street. Our PDR technician repair job is going to cost less than the insurance excess.

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PDR repair job is going to cost less than the insurance excess!

As long as the paint isn’t broken, our PDR service can be used for everything from smaller trolley dings to larger impacts to the panels. Even marks that you might think can’t be repaired without a replacement panel – in most cases, they’ll be fixable with PDR.

It’s going to be hard for PDR to fix a scratch on your car’s bumper if the factory paint has been compromised. If the paint has been broken, paintless dent repair won’t work. You will need to spend the money with a trusted smash repair.

Our PDR work is time based. We don’t charge any more for a Rolls-Royce compared to an Toyota.

Our Paintless Dent Removal Service in Action