EQA Review
EQA Review

Mercedes Benz EQA Review

We love Mercedes but the EQ series is quite disappointing. There are no surprises in the car or the drive. Pricing is also very high. Overall it’s very disappointing.


The interior is not much different to a normal GLA. Someone may say this looks different, that looks different, they’re not the same blah blah. I’m not saying it’s exactly the same look for look, obviously EQA is not a GLA, I have eyes too. If you look inside the Tesla, you will feel very spacious, because electric cars have taken away a lot of the olden stuff and the interior space can be freer. But when you sit in a EQA, if no one told you it’s an EQ, it’ll just feel like it’s a new facelift GLA.


No surprises here either. It’s quiet but so are all electric cars. Apart from being quiet, the EQA is very similar to the GLA.


The EQA starts at AUD80k. I would say that if the Merc badge is taken off, the EQA may only worth AUD40k.


The EQ is still too young and it won’t last a second standing in the ring with its competitors. MB will need a lot of R&D in this sector and is still a long way away. Feel sorry for the salesperson working on the EQ, because it’s gonna be a tough job. If driving a Merc makes you happy, then go for it. For me, I would buy a BYD and look at the $100k I saved which will make me happier.

This is only based on personal experience, your mileage may vary.


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