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Tesla Model Y Experience

Rumour has it that the announcement of the Model Y release in Sydney have sold over 10,000 vehicles on the first day. I was one of them, petrol prices going higher and higher and I thought sooner or later an electronic vehicle (EV) is a necessity. After the test drive of the Mercedes Benz EQA, there was no way I’m heading back to Merc for an EV. Check out our earlier post here – EQA Review – Not So Nice.

Tesla Model Y – The Look

On the outside, the Y looks very similar to the Tesla Model 3 sedan. Just looking at the photo, I can’t really tell which is which. When you see the real thing, it’s more obvious. It’s like a fat Model 3 with a big belly (lying down belly up).

tesla model y

Tesla Model Y – The Drive

The Model Y Performance, which is a dual-motor and all-wheel-drive powerhouse. It costs around $109,000 drive-away and offers a greater driving range of 514km, 393kW, and a 0–100km/h time of 3.7 seconds.

Model Y is very similar to Model3 on the drive. A very different feature to petrol car is that you cannot let the car roll when your foot is not on the pedal. The accelerator pedal brakes the car and captures energy when you lift off, meaning you can effectively drive the car without using the brake pedal next to it. Whenever you’re not accelerating, you’re braking – By design.

If you’re looking for a technical review, we suggest you check out the following:

Tesla Model Y – The Inside

Like the Model 3, the Y feels very spacious. However, it does seem like Tesla have overdone it a bit. Speedometer is only available on the central console.

It’s true that the 15-inch display is a nice big display, but with everyone so used to checking the speed at the speedo, it might be a bit dangerous sometimes if the driver need to look over to the centre of the car instead of just look down at the speedo to check the speed. There is no head-up display, nothing, this screen does everything from making the blinkers play noises to telling you how fast you’re going, and even where you are going.

No sunglasses compartment, another traditional feature of old petrol cars.

Suspension is comfortable. The seat is comfortable at the front, however I find the back seat a bit short. There is not much leg support when I sat at the back. See that my thigh is in the air when I’m sitting normally at the back seat.

tesla model y

The Tesla Showroom

This red Model 3 is sitting in the Tesla Showroom, looking like it hasn’t been clean. The detailing team at Tesla definitely need to do a better job than this. Contact us if you need help, it’s not a good look for a showroom. Our Basic Service would be enough to fix this for your showroom.

tesla model y

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