tyre shine and dressing

Tyre Shine and Dressing

Tyre shine is the final touch after washing all the dirt and grime off a car. Dressing the rubber with high-gloss products for extreme tire shine after using a wheel cleaner is a crucial part of auto detailing. It will take things to the next level and go the extra mile by applying tire shine. 

tyre shine and dressing

Our tyre shine will give your car’s tires a wet look with a final high-gloss pop that helps them stand out. Try to remember the day you got the car from the showroom.

A tyre dressing is designed to make your tyre walls black, it’ll create a wet glossy look. Have a look at all the break dust from the wheel.

The products we used are scientifically engineered to produce a deep, long-lasting look which can be used on rubber, vinyl and plastic trim.

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