break dust is bad


Every time you use your brakes, metal particles produced by your brake pads against your wheel are emitted.

break dust is bad


Researchers conducted lab tests to assess how brake dust affects immune cells called macrophages, which help defend the lungs and kill bacteria.

break dust is bad

When these tiny metal particles are emitted into the air, we breathe them into our lungs. When these particles react with sulfate rich particles in the air, they create a toxic aerosol. This aerosol can damage our lungs and create respiratory problems.


Look at the photo from our client’s car, brake dust has contaminated the body of the vehicle.

break dust is bad

How often does your children lean on the car body, touch the side of your car, or stick their face to the window. We who have children know that it’s impossible to remove all threats for young children, but we should do our best to eliminate it.

break dust is bad

Another thing is that normal car wash will start washing and wiping as soon as they get the vehicle. This is normal because their business model is based on sales volume. More wash, more revenue.

Imagine what happens when you start wiping with these small tiny metal particles still attached on the surface of the car. Overtime, your paint work will be damaged and your resell value will hit the floor.

Look after your car, your family, and our Earth.

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