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Door Jambs and Frames

Door jambs and door frames serve many purposes. First, they act as a seal between the door and the body, shielding dirt, dust, water, snow, wind, and temperatures from getting into the inside cabin. Dirt and dust accumulates in the jambs by design and is left to bake and freeze under sun and snow.   These areas are usually forgotten and never get rinsed off at car washes.  

door jambs door jambs

Most people will never look twice at the door jambs, but that is not the case with our detailing service, or you probably would not be looking at this page right now. If you want to tell the standard of a car detailing, just take a look at the door jambs and frames.

door jambs door jambs

The best thing about cleaning your door jambs is you will greatly decrease the risk of rust forming around your doors, and gives you a chance to do an early diagnostics of any problem areas arising.  Remember; the dirt, grime, grease, and moisture accumulate in the jambs and can stay there for years.  The roof drains down into the door jambs, which makes it prone to rust.

When working on a door jambs and door frames, we have a set of equipment like brushes, microfiber towel, pressure steam cleaners, cleaning chemicals etc. These brushes are designed to NOT cause scratches or other problems on door jambs. In addition, their tough bristles will help to dislodge dirt and grease that may be caked on.

One of the most neglected parts of vehicles are usually door jambs. They collect the dirt over the years, and sometimes it’s extremely hard to clean them properly.

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