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We are proud to announce that we have been selected as a Finalist for the 2023 Local Business Awards. Thank you to all our wonderful customers for nominating us.

Describe Our Business

We Wash’em Pty Ltd is a mobile car detailing service. We provide car wash, car detailing, pre-sale detailing, paint correction, and ceramic coating going to your home.

We know the pace of life in Sydney is getting faster, people have less time to themselves. Leave the driving around to us, and do what you like with your time.

local business awards
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History of Our Business

We Wash’em started during the COVID-19 period, it was during the beginning of 2022 when we had the endless lockdowns. Residents were only allowed to travel a certain distance from their home and everyone was working from home.

We Wash’em was kickstarted because of this. Everyone is staying at home and not going out. This pandemic have changed the way people live. We realised that home is the place where we want to be. We like to stay at home with our family and friends, with people we love.

Lockdown restrictions are now lifted, but the impact have stayed with us. In this fast paced city, we are constantly striving for time. Myself for example, if I want to go out for a car wash, I would have to organise a specific time and date, coordinate the shopping, fit the car wash in between work/kids/sports/family/friends etc. a time like that is hard to come by.

That’s why our motto is – Do what you like with your time. Leave the driving and washing to us.

local business awards

Level of Customer Service & Quality of Service

The bread and butter of our business is customer service. We have a set of procedures that our technician follows to ensure customer satisfaction. These procedures enforce good customer service as soon as we begin contact with the customer at the very initial stage, like the enquiry phone call.

The customer experience doesn’t just end after the service. We stay in touch and we have a lot of returned customers. We also have a newsletter that reach out to all customers every few months.

Quality of service is a part of our standard procedure. We have a set of training guide for all our staff so that during each step of the service, the customer feels like they’re well looked after.

I personally also enjoy meeting all our neighbors in the local community. At the beginning, there are many new houses still being built, and it’s good to know that everyone in the community are so kind and respectful. We’re very grateful for all the well-mannered customers we have served.

Commitment To The Hills Local Community

I grew up in The Hills, I went to a local school, me and my mum goes to the local shops. Local businesses are our go to places.

In the past years, I have witnessed a lot of changes. New shopping centres, new metro, new high rises, new schools etc. It’s a familiar place to me and my family. The local area is the best place to start our business. Growth + People = Opportunities.

We have the skills and expertise that is needed by many people. With these skills, we want to make a difference in our local community.



What Makes Us a Winner

We’re delighted to be one of the finalists in The Hills award. We believe that everyone have worked hard to be included as a finalist and each of us is already a winner getting this far.

Sincerity our key winning factor that make us different to anyone else. We do try our best in each and every single call out. We believe that customer relationship is the main factor in the success of our business. I can remember every single customer and car that we have served. 

For each job, from the initial call, scheduled appointment, pre service checks, carrying out the service, post service check, to the final follow up call post service, we handle it with care and respect. We treat your car like our own, and we treat all cars all customers equally regardless of the service you are having.

local business awards

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